Purchasing or starting a new business - If you are seeking to start a new business or purchase one, get a head start putting your needs in our hands - we have the expertise.

Our team have the necessary experience, skills and the templates and tools to guide and advise you in a cost-effective way when entering into business. Some of the areas in which we can help you are Business Systems and Better Business Packages.

  • Independent Evaluation and Due Diligence
  • If you are buying a business, we strongly recommend an independent evaluation and due diligence of the seller's business, so you know what you are buying into. If that evaluation establishes that purchase is appropriate, we can assist you by determining the appropriate valuation of the business and assist you in negotiating the purchase.
  • Governance and Management Structure
    Having decided to purchase or start a business, it is vital that the appropriate governance and management structure is put in place, and that you adopt the right business structure (trust, company, or individual) to produce the best business and tax outcomes.
  • Insurance Cover
    Our risk team can help you identify the relevant risks and, where appropriate, advise on and arrange the right insurance covers to protect you.
  • Strategic Business Plans
    Your business will be most successful if you have a medium-term strategic plan and a year-by-year business plan. We can help you facilitate the discussions and analysis necessary to develop and prepare these plans.

Maximising The Results From Your Existing Business

Including our Business Systems and Better Business Packages.

  • Business Improvement
    We have specific business improvement programmes to enable us to independently review many aspects of your business, and benchmark your systems and performance against others in your industry, to enable us to recommend specific improvements and develop action plans that will make your business more profitable and successful.
  • Project Evaluation
    When you are exploring new initiatives or projects, our project evaluation expertise and methodologies will ensure that you make a good business decision with all of the information and analysis in front of you. But we do not just bring information and analysis – we also have years of business experience and common sense that we bring to the table.
  • Equity and Borrowings
    If you proceed with new initiatives or projects or are growing your business and require more finance as a result, we can advise you on appropriate levels of equity and borrowings that will produce the best possible profits and returns with appropriate levels of risk. And we can help you apply for finance and enhance good banking/funding relationships while borrowing at the lowest possible rate.
  • Strategic and Business Plans
    Your strategic plan should be revisited regularly and your business plan updated annually. We can help you facilitate the discussions and analysis necessary to develop and update these plans, so that you continue to focus in your business on the factors and actions that will produce the short term (current year) and medium term (3 year) results that you deserve.
  • Governance and Management Structure
    As your business develops and grows, you will need to regularly consider and adapt the appropriate governance and management structure and to meet the business’ and your personal needs, and that you continue to adopt the right business structure (trust, company, or individual) to produce the best business and tax outcomes.

Exiting Your Business

There is always a right time to exit your business, the timing being dictated either by the circumstances of the business or your personal situation. Should your business be sold to a family member, while accommodating the needs of other family members, should it be sold to others working in the business, should it be widely marketed locally, nationally, or internationally, or will you realise the most value simply by winding the business down in a coordinated manner over time?

  • Succession Planning
    These are questions that we can help you answer, working through with you and other family members the implications for all parties, and assessing your ongoing financial needs following the sale of the business. Where family are involved, these conversations are very important and can be difficult – we bring an understanding of your circumstances but with independence that is of considerable value to succession planning.
  • Valuation
    If that evaluation establishes that a sale of your business is appropriate, we can assist you by determining the valuation of the business.
  • Business Presentation
    We can assist you with business presentation, ensuring you present your business to purchasers in the best possible light, by preparing and presenting information in a professional and understandable manner.
  • Negotiating the Sale
    We can assist you in the negotiation process of the sale.
  • On-going Support
    Once your business is sold, if that occurs as part of your pending retirement, it is crucial that the value you have created from your business success is then appropriately protected and invested to meet your retirement lifestyle needs. Our wealth management team are very well qualified to advise you in this area.
  • Re-Invest
    If you are looking to reinvest the proceeds from the sale of your business into a new venture, we will work through this process with you.

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