“I want to thank Polson Higgs for their generous support of the Dunedin Santa Parade Trust. Doing our accounting work without any fees shows a real community spirit and the Santa Parade would struggle without your assistance.”

 John Marsh, Trustee, Dunedin Santa Parade Trust

Christmas parade Dunedin


 “They are so fantastically important and in the Wildlife Hospital we have a lot of money flushing through our accounts. We have two amazing volunteers - Robyn Patrick and Amelia McDonald-Nairn from Polson Higgs actually. Very experienced, very qualified and they love being volunteers for us – literally, I don’t think we could function without their skill, their honesty and their hard work. So, getting a good treasurer is gold.”

 Steve Walker, Chair of The Wildlife Hospital Dunedin

Amelia and Robyn collage green