Polson Higgs offers a range of professional training across all our business disciplines. Our practical approach combines technical information with insights and examples from experienced practitioners.

What our clients say:

A client from Wellington commented on our new Looking@advisory series of webinars:  "Informative and concise. The 45 minute format seems to be a better delivery mechanism than the 90 minute version, and has the bonus of being easier to schedule in to a work day."

Sidekick Timaru use Polson Higgs Training on a regular basis to help stay up to date with the latest tax changes and technical issues.

"The presenters do a great job in explaining complex issues to make it easier to understand for accountants at all levels. There is usually a Q&A session at the end of the webinars which is helpful with any burning questions." James, Director and Chartered Accountant.

Tax Update Webinars

One of the biggest challenges professionals face is keeping up-to-date with changes to rules and legislation. Polson Higgs offer monthly Tax Update Webinars to keep you up-to-date with current issues and compliance matters. These webinars are perfect for partners and seniors.

Tech Savvy Webinars

Let us help you train your team. Tech Savvy Webinars target common training areas with practical knowledge and examples that are directly transferable to the workforce. Our presenters know time is precious so we keep the webinars short, focused and cost effective. Tech Savvy is ideal for junior and intermediate staff gaining new knowledge, or for a collective refresh training session.

Special Edition Webinars

Professionals need clear, concise information and perspectives on important issues that impact on clients and shape business and compliance. Special Edition Webinars provide depth of knowledge and understanding to current and emerging issues. Special Edition Webinars are for anyone who needs to maintain their professional knowledge and add value to their clients.

Public Courses

Webinars are not for everyone and sometimes face-to-face learning is the most effective way to deliver a topic. We offer public training courses nationwide when it is more appropriate. All of our courses include detailed reference material and case studies. An alternative webinar option provides the same content for those that can’t make it to a venue or prefer the webinar format.

In-House Training

Right content, best delivery at the right rates are the core elements of effective training. We offer bespoke in-house training throughout New Zealand. We will support you through concept, delivery and evaluation to provide the best training solution for your organisation.

Webinar Recordings

You don’t have to attend the live broadcast. All of our webinars are recorded so you have the flexibility to review all or part of the presentation and fit training into your schedule when it suits you. If the unexpected happens and you can’t attend the live broadcast you can still get the benefit of our presentation by watching the recording. When you register for a webinar you will automatically receive a link to the recording that you can view for up to six months from the broadcast date.

On-Demand Training Resources

Recordings of previous webinars are available for purchase at any time. This is a great way to catch-up on your professional development training or get information on a topic of interest. You will receive a link to download the webinar file and a copy of the webinar materials. Recordings are available on DVD by request.


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