Wellness in a Lockdown

You’ve read a lot already, it’s been recommended by many to Stay Connected, Exercise and Eat Well. You’ve seen the funny memes and perhaps thought it wise to download Contagion for family movie night -we all make mistakes!

Working from home may be going well, it may be a shitshow or it may be a bit of both every 15 minutes. You, or someone you live with may still be ‘out there’ and dealing with a whole new way of working while wondering “how long can I keep this up?”.  Life is different now and for many of you that may reasonably provoke a fear of the future, anger over what feels lost or guilt that tough decisions you have to make will impact others. 

Yes the game is changing, however how we play it need not. Have you always been guided by principles of Integrity or Honesty? Passion or innovation perhaps? Kindness or Service? Whatever your personal values, company values or family values, you still have these to confront and face the dynamics of this new game of business and life. Very often, remembering or getting clearer on who we are and how we want to do things gives us the trust we need in ourselves to face challenges head-on. We do not need to wait for the world to get organised to make our lives easier. Be brave, keep playing the game hard out and honour who you want to be rather than get too fixated on how things should turn out.

It’s clearly now a marathon, not a sprint. Slow down, let your brain find settled moments. Let your feelings come and go-they can do that if you don’t get too afraid or angry with them. Doing well through times of change is what our resilience is there for-just don’t forget to keep re-investing in it.  Things will keep changing and like in business, we all do better with a bit in reserve. 

If in doubt have a laugh, perhaps a cry and of course a walk (or an impossible online yoga session-just for another laugh). Trust in yourself and let your best guess about what’s right for you or your business in coming weeks and months be good enough. Plans will probably need to change.

If you know you’ve taken hits in the past due to trauma or illness or other life knocks, then you know perhaps better than most to take it slowly, involve your supports or professionals and allow room for optimism because this too shall pass.  A few resources listed here you might find helpful and let’s all keep it real.

Julianne Osborne
Clinical Psychologist and Executive Coach
Health & Human Performance