COVID19 Team

It is never just one lever - COVID-19 has been a steep learning curve for businesses as they adjust not only to changing levels, but also a changing world. What hasn’t changed is the need to have an holistic approach to the challenge. The simple “pull one lever” solution does not exist. Because of this, at the start of lockdown Polson Higgs created a specialist COVID-19 team solely focused on ensuring our clients received the advice they needed to respond.

The team has changed over the past weeks with different areas of expertise being added, as we gained a greater understanding of the challenges and the government’s response. The team has, aside from providing information for the newsletters, as its prime function the provision of advice on all the different “levers” that clients can or should pull.

Whilst the team is backed by all the resources and experience of Polson Higgs, it currently consists of:

Jamie Reidie – Cashflow forecasting and modelling

Karen Philip – Human Resources

Donna Hall – Business planning and continuity

Dianne Wood – Wage subsidy and Government Policies

David Young – Marketing

Ryan Ehlers – Tax

Robin Hanson – IT

If you're thinking about pulling a lever in your business, before you do, it would be a good idea to check with our specialist team to ensure it isn’t the wrong one or what other ones should be pulled as well. If you would like to chat phone 03 477 9923 or email the team.