What some of the recipients are saying about the assistance they received:

South Dunedin Community network

On behalf of the South Dunedin Community Network, I want to thank you for the wonderful support you have given us as we set up a robust financial system in consultation with your warm, competent, and welcoming staff. 

As a fairly young Not-for-Profit organisation we have moved from a largely intuitive, uniformed and fundamentally unsafe financial system to one which we, and our funders, can have confidence in. And as we grow and take other smaller projects and organisations under our wing, we can have faith that our finances are clear, transparent, and true. What an absolute shift for us and those we work with. 

This monumental leap forward has been made possible by the generous support and encouragement of Polson Higgs, and we are extremely grateful.

Eleanor Doig

greatergreenisland logo

"Thank you all for the brilliant workshops which you have provided over the past four months. I believe we were facing an uphill battle running workshops during this period as there were many uncertainties around group events, but we managed to bring several community agencies together to get upskilled.

Each of those workshops were brilliant and have already gone a long way to helping our agency mature and run more effectively. On behalf of the Greater Green Island Community Network I would like to thank you for your contribution to making our community organisations run smoother and a bit more legally."

Ben McKenzie

otago youth wellness small

Assistance to setup and configure Microsoft Office 365

Amy: “The Polson Higgs IT department, and in particular Shane Boyle, who understands 365, moved the emails to the new system. This was a big chunk of the work we needed to do. The work was spread over a few weeks, but Polson Higgs worked around us, and weren’t at all disruptive.”

Neil: “Polson Higgs was very accommodating in catering to our organisation’s needs, and also in fitting in around our time.”

Barbara Payton: “PH created an opportunity from what they knew about us. It is nice to have a local organisation respecting the work of another local organisation. Each of us, OYWT and Polson Higgs, acknowledges and appreciates what the other does.”

This is such a great opportunity for organisations in Dunedin to receive financial assistance for accountancy/advisory services.

Amy Coleman

  sport otago

Refinement of Reporting

As part of their program of supporting Charitable Organisations, Sport Otago has been fortunate to receive assistance from Polson Higgs with the refinement of our reporting within our existing accounting software MoneyWorks Gold.

Working closely with our Finance team, Polson Higgs provided us with sound advice and guidance to refine our chart of accounts and management reporting. Their staff’s knowledge and implementation work made our transition process go very smoothly.

As a non-profit organisation we are very appreciative that Polson Higgs has provided us with a helping hand and added value to our Organisation at the same time.

John Brimble