The Dunedin Casinos Charitable Trust was established as part of the Dunedin Casinos licence application process, to provide funds for charitable purposes.

Put simply, KiwiHarvest collect good food before it goes to waste and get it to those in need. Hear comments from KiwiHarvest Founder Deborah Manning:

Dunedin Casino Charitable Trust - (A Registered Independent Charitable Trust) Registered 1999

The Trust is administered by Polson Higgs, Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors, who controls the assets and carry out the administration functions of the Trust. Charitable Trustees are appointed to assist the Administration Trustee in setting donations criteria and to decide on the allocation of donations.

Who Can Apply

The objective of the Dunedin Casinos Charitable Trust is to assist the charitable organisations in:

  • The relief of poverty
  • The advancement of education
  • The advancement of religion
  • The advancement of sports for the benefit of the wider community
  • Or any other charitable purpose deemed beneficial to the community by the Trustees

In order to meet the criteria, your organisation must be registered with the Charities Commission and be able to provide your registration number on the application form.

As a general rule, the Dunedin Casinos Charitable Trust is unable to make grants to individuals, for travel, for salaries and other administration costs.

The Dunedin Casinos Charitable Trust invites applications for grants from charitable organisations in the Dunedin and Otago region twice a year.

The May funding round is for a one-off large grant (in the vicinity of $50,000) followed by the scatter grant for several organisations in November.

Applications for donations must be made on the Trust's standard application forms.

Applications for donations are called for in April for the May funding round and October for the November funding round.

It is important you check the deadline date for applications to be received. Late requests cannot be accepted. Please refer to the application forms for details of deadline dates.

May Funding Round

This funding round is for major projects with a significant process around applications. The Trustees Request for Proposal (RFP) is to be completed prior to application. For further information regarding this process please click here.

November Funding Round

This is the scatter grant where several organisations will be allocated smaller grants. Applications for donations must be made on the Trust's standard application form.

For more information on the activities of the Trust, or for an application form, please contact:
Keryn Asquith, phone (03) 474-9714 or for an application form please click here.

Your organisation will receive a letter from the Trust to confirm the application has been received. Following assessment to ensure your organisation meets the Trust's criteria, you will receive a further letter confirming your success or otherwise with funding. 

Terms and Conditions

  • When considering applications, the number of persons served and the financial status of the applicant are taken into account. Applicants must complete the financial summary sheet in the application form and supply audited accounts.
  • Funds allocated by the Trust must be used to achieve the specific objectives of the applicant as stated in the application form. Recipients will be asked to furnish reports requested by the trustees.
  • Only one fund allocation per year can be made to any recipient. Organisations are discouraged from becoming dependent on the Trust.
  • Decisions made by the Trust are final and no correspondence or discussion will be entered into on any funding decision.
  • Funds are not awarded to individuals, nor for travel purposes. Organisations must be registered with the Charities Commission.
  • As a general rule funding will not be given for salaries and other administration costs.
  • The Trust reserves the right to publish the names of fund recipients and financial amounts involved.