Inland Revenue and Accident Compensation Corporation have announced that they will be taking away the option of paying by cheque, effective from 1 March 2020

Inland Revenue will not process any cheques if the customers are able to use the other alternatives. Post-dated cheques dated 1 March 2020 or later will also not be accepted.

The digital world offers a faster, safer and simpler option for the users through electronic payments.

IRD and ACC received 430,000 and 25,000 cheques last financial year, respectively. These numbers have been decreasing over the years by approximately 20% annually and they are getting rid of it once and for all. As the matter of fact, only 5% of payments received by the two organisations were by cheque.

 IRD and ACC accept the following payment options going forward:

  • Electronically via internet banking or direct debit. 
  • By debit or credit card over the phone or online.
  • By cash or EFTPOS but only at Westpac bank branches

P.S. Say NO to paper and let’s go paperless together.