Raising money to commemorate a colleague who died from a brain tumour has taken the neurosurgery tally to its last big milestone before the finish line.

Dunedin business Polson Higgs' social club has raised $5300, taking the Chair in Neurosurgery fundraising tally to more than $2.5 million, fundraising project manager Irene Mosley said.

The effort to endow the chair at the University of Otago was now on the "home straight" towards the $3 million target.

"Every time there's a little lull and you think 'What are we to do to raise the money', something like this comes along ..."

Fundraising organiser Ian Calvert, of Polson Higgs, said the social club raised the amount using a combination of a sponsored walking challenge, donations and mufti days.

The effort honoured the memory of chartered accountant Suzanne Spencer, who worked for Polson Higgs for nine years before dying in January from a brain tumour.

The full total yesterday was $2,502,361.