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Stephen Higgs appointed as a Councillor on the University of Otago Council

Stephen Higgs has recently been appointed as a Councillor on the University of Otago Council, an appointment made by the Minister of Education.

As a proud graduate of Otago University, Stephen is pleased to bring his commercial and governance experience on a number of company and non-profit boards to the significant operation of the University.

Stephen said "the University is a very major contributor to the economy of Dunedin and the wider region, and has the opportunity to create further commercial value in the future. My experience in studying at Otago was very positive and it has assisted me, with others, to develop and to be part of the successful business of Polson Higgs. As a result, I am delighted to be able to serve on the University of Otago Council, and contribute to the University's future success".

He has been a trustee of the University of Otago Foundation Trust, which oversees a large investment portfolio of the University, for a number of years and very much looks forward to extending his involvement to the wider business of the University of Otago.


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