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Maintaining Business Continuity in a Disaster

The recent tragic events in Christchurch and Japan have reinforced the importance of undertaking some structured planning that will help your business to minimise the disruptions caused by a natural disaster. Assessing risk management and formulating a disaster recovery plan are things that every organisation should undertake and we encourage you to use the attached checklist to asses your own preparedness and call us for further advice.

While such planning will be unique to each business and can become very complex, we have prepared a short checklist of elements commonly included in Business Continuity Plans. It may be useful to think about these in relation to your business. For further information, contact your business advisor.

Checklist – is your business prepared?

  • Risk Assessment
    What are the key risks and vulnerabilities to your businesses?
  • Preventive Measures
    Based on your risk assessment, what measures can you take to minimise the disruption to your business in the event of a natural disaster?
  • Insurance
    Do you have adequate business interruption insurance?
  • Command Structure
    Have you established a clear command structure so that everyone knows their roles and responsibilities following a disruptive event?
  • Communication Plan
    How will you communicate with your employees, suppliers and customers in the event that your business is affected by a natural disaster?
    Do you have multiple communication options if your usual communication channels are not functioning?
    Do you have up to date contact details for everyone you will need to communicate with?
    Have you established a priority call list?
  • Key Business Data
    Is your key business data stored in a safe and accessible location?
  • Human Resource policies and processes
    Do you have clear, effective, and legally robust policies for dealing with HR issues that may arise from a disruption to your business?
  • Alternative Locations
    Have you identified alternative locations that you could operate from?

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