Who are Kiwi Harvest?

 Kiwi Harvest protects our environment by reducing decomposing food waste, improves the diet, general health and self-esteem of hungry and disadvantaged people in our community by redistributing nutritious food and assists social service agencies to redirect more of their limited funds away from food budgets to their other programs.

 They rescue up to 10,000 kgs of food per month that would otherwise be dumped into landfills or used as animal feed. In doing so, they save the water and energy used to grow, process and transport the food from being wasted and prevent the harmful methane emissions associated with decomposing waste. 

 Find out more about Kiwi Harvest at www.Kiwi Harvest.org.nz.


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What is the Kiwi Harvest?

 The Kiwi Harvest CEO CookOff brings together celebrity chefs, CEOs, Managing Directors and Senior Business Leaders from across all industries to cook together and provide food for their friends, family, clients and colleagues. Our very own Stanley Hebden will be taking part in the event as one of the cooks.

 Funds raised will support Kiwi Harvest’s work feeding Dunedin’s homeless and disadvantaged via food rescue programs, and also responding to the critical food wastage issues facing society.